About Us

Falconhead Surgery Center is a Community-Focused, High Tech, Boutique-Style ambulatory surgery center that strives to stand out in regards to patient care, positive outcome, personal attention and exemplary experience.

Falconhead Office

Comfort, Convenience & Confidence

You can expect to be led through this seamless process, in a gentle and informative manner. Our surgery center staff will communicate directly with your doctor’s office from the very beginning. You will get several calls from our staff before you even arrive, and you will be given the entire roadmap for your procedure, including any financial questions regarding your procedure. We do offer excellent financing options at our surgery center, including Care Credit and Alpheon.

You can expect to be greeted by our experienced staff, hand-picked from the greater Austin community of surgery center nurses and managers. You will find Falconhead Surgery Center to have convenient covered parking with elevator access and a comfortable, aesthetically-pleasing waiting room. Our pre and postoperative nurses will take care of your needs from start to finish, and our expert team of anesthesiologists will make sure your comfort is our priority. You will get a call from our center in the afternoon of your procedure to make sure your needs at home are met as well.

Matchless Experience

The doctors at Falconhead Surgery Center represent surgeons in the top echelon of their fields.


  • Dr. Annie Chan
  • Dr. Gina Cottle
  • Dr. Lara Dudek
  • Dr. Nicholas Lancaster
  • Dr. Lisa McIntire
  • Dr. Kyle Rhodes
  • Dr. Corina Stancey
  • Dr. Heather Broyles
  • Dr. Mary Kelly Green


  • Dr. Malena Amato
  • Dr. David Gay
  • Dr. Yula Indeyeva
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