At Falconhead Surgery Center, Our Focus is You!

Our custom designed facility equipped with the best surgical technology available, allows Austin’s Top Doctors to deliver an unparalleled patient experience. Our boutique style surgery center blends efficiency with comfort, to help put your mind at ease, while our professionals restore your vision, enhance your appearance, or help you recover from an injury.

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Falconhead Surgery Center is a Community-Focused, High Tech, Boutique-Style ambulatory surgery center that strives to stand out in regards to patient care, positive outcome, personal attention and exemplary experience.

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World Class Technology

The Surgeons at Falconhead Surgery Center have gone to great lengths to ensure that their patients have access to the highest level of technology for their given procedure. Our cataract surgeons are able to offer Femtosecond Laser Technology to assist with their cataract procedures, which enhances the surgery to offer precision astigmatism correction and perfected lens centration. In addition, our two surgical suites dedicated to eye surgery offer “Heads Up, 3D Display” of the surgical procedure, with the highest definition viewing of your eye surgery available today.

Falconhead Surgery Center is the first center in Texas to offer this exciting new way of performing cataract surgery, in High Definition, with the Zeiss Artevo(copyright) 800 Microscope, the first digital ophthalmic microscope. Your eye surgeon has a Digital Cockpit, with cloud connectivity and real-time overlays of your preoperative information on the surgical field. If you elect to have an astigmatism lens implant, the exact axis of lens placement is shown to the surgeon on this 55” monitor, through the Callisto System. This is truly the wave of the future.

Outcome Focused

Outcome Focused

You only get one chance to have your vision corrected, your appearance enhanced, your senses returned, or your body healed. We care about your personal experience and we care about your excellent outcome. We have gone the extra mile to invest in the most experienced team of nurses and anesthesiologists to deliver this positive outcome focused experience. We have hand-picked our surgeons to deliver superior skill and experience in making this positive outcome a reality.

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