Surgical Scar Revision

Surgical scar revision is generally used to remove an abnormal scar called keloid, or when fat or muscle have been lost due to injury, creating a pitted scar or problems closing the eyelids creating eye problems.

It’s also necessary when the muscles below the skin have healed improperly, resulting in a reduced range of motion. To perform surgical scar revision, an incision is made around the scar, then the incision is closed with layers of self-dissolving sutures. These sutures provide structural support for healing tissues, keeping the layers of fat, muscle, and skin aligned properly so that the wound closes correctly. In some cases, skin grafting is needed to cover particularly large or deep scars. This is usually only required after severe injury or Mohs skin cancer surgery. Skin grafting involves the removal of skin from a donor site and the transplantation of that skin to cover the disfigured area.