Refractive Lens Exchange

Dysfunctional Lens Syndrome (DLS), or presbyopia, describes the natural changes in the crystalline lens of the eye that occur after approximately age 40. It’s a continuum that begins the day a person is born.

In the past, the usual remedy for DLS was to wear reading glasses or multifocal eyeglasses, such as bifocals or progressive lenses. Today, we have the technology to exchange the dysfunctional lens in your eye with a lens implant that allows you to have your distance, intermediate and near vision back. Get rid of your reading glasses, look years younger, and fully enjoy your active lifestyle without a need for glasses or contacts.

You may know people who have had cataract surgery and now have better vision than ever. You can now have a procedure that is the same, it just occurs before you actually develop cataracts. You receive a lens implant that replaces your original lens in the eye. This new lens implant has the ability to correct distance, intermediate and near vision, and also provides correction for astigmatism. Refractive Lens Exchange is becoming one of the most popular elective surgeries in the nation today.